New platform Beta 4.0

1.Customize display zone for LED screen,advertising will fit automaticly.


2.Add random play,you can play one advertising 100 times/day for a month(need to setup on/off or wakeup/sleep time,so the advertising will play when the device is on).


3.Play schedule different way of showing,can search by date.



4.solve some bug.

Need to update DoPlayer to 2.1.3 to have full update function.

CMS Platform has been updated to V3.0,we've improved

1-User center merged with platform

2-New template and advertising

3-New preview performance

4-Fix some bug during create advertising

With this release version,you need to use

DoPlayer V2.1.1

Android App V2.0.69

iOS App V1.16

Please update related version and enjoy

With IOT technology,we can help you

1-Manage your advertising and device remotely

2-Fast create media content,play schedule and publish

3-Mobile App is available,both Android and IOS

4-Scan and pay through wechat,how much network traffic you need,how much you pay

With this release version,you need to use

DoPlayer V2.1.0

Android App V2.0.68

iOS App V1.15

Register and enjoy the technology revolution.